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    /slideshows/homeLarge/martineau-lector.jpg Seminarians in Rome installed as Lectors Alan Martineau of Spencer (courtesy PNAC photo service) http://www.worcestervocations.com/ _blank
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    • April 19
      On Divine Mercy Sunday, April 12, 2015, before the Holy Door at Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Bull of Indiction entitled Misericordiae vultus (Eng. The Face of Mercy) was read. The Bull serves as the fundamental document that outlines the overall spirit and the intentions of the upcoming Holy Year and delineates the spiritual fruits that the anticipated renewal will hopefully reap for individuals and the Church.
    • April 16
      The total raised to date, $3,217,190, represents 64 percent of the $5 million goal.
  • Mission Statement

    As individuals, families and parishes, our mission as the Diocese of Worcester is to respond joyfully to Christ’s call to become more fully the People of God. Though imperfect, we are a blessed people striving to participate in Christ’s mission of reaching out to all. Therefore, we accept the Gospel challenge, which calls us to bring another to a deeper knowledge and love of God. Since God calls us to live in community in the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves in this time and place to becoming a prayerful and faith-filled Church that truly reflects the glory of God.