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Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry
Diocese of Worcester - Anna Maria College Partnership

Application to the Diocese


Thank you for your interest in the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, offered through Anna Maria College.  This graduate program is designed to prepare men and women for service to the Catholic Church and its parish and school communities.

 The program welcomes individuals who feel called to deepen their faith and to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for leaders in the pastoral life of faith communities.  Because it is designed to integrate the academic, human and spiritual dimensions of faith formation, the pastoral ministry program seeks to provide students with the theological and spiritual backgrounds that are foundational to pastoral ministry.

Individuals who are entering the program without prior courses in theology may be required to complete some online courses through the Diocese of Worcester partnership with the University of Dayton.

To apply for acceptance into the Partnership, please complete the application supplied on the  MA Partnership Application  page and submit it along with a one page assay describing your interest in the program.  Please include the following in your essay:


  • What is the professional and/or personal experience that motivates you to apply to this particular program at this time in your life?
  • What experience do you bring to the program (relevant volunteer or paid experience in ministry and/or religious education?)
  • What are your future ministerial expectations and how do you see this program as helping you to achieve these goals?